Sunday, November 8, 2009

On the Road Again...

I apologize for not writing much... I haven't been doing much stripping, but lots of working the day job and planning for my current trip... haha I'm in Bali motherfuckers! whooo! six months off! Actually i'm trying to get my clothing line started... heh. not really time off then.

Soooo currently I am in Sanur, Bali. I landed here a couple days ago after an epic Halloween weekend in vancouver with Rob, which was excellent. My flight was very long... vancouver to beijing, 11 hours, 3.5 hour layover in beijing (They had infrared cameras scanning for fevers... luckily my "swine flu" I picked up in vancouver never seemed to hit the high fever stage, just the sore throat. I swear everyone I was staying with/met in vancouver had it.), 5 hours beijing to bangkok, 6 hour layover, 4 hours (after a 2 hour delay) bangkok to bali. Whoo!

Hmm then I sat in a cafe for awhile trying to get used to the 30 degree heat then wandered off to Sanur and slept for the rest of the day.

I don't know why I picked this town, i guess because it has a beach and the book said it was quiet. Its full of retired dutch people and i'm totally bored. But I really did need a couple days to adjust and get over my illness and sleep. I am moving to Ubud, capital of yoga, crafts, and expats (hopefully younger ones!) tomorrow.

I was drinking with said expats at a cafe on the beach yesterday and one of the older guys said "oh Cambodia... I spent 7 years in jail there.. I had a girlfriend. she was 9." I giggled nervously and hoped he was kidding... right? right?? hahaha. the cafe was run by this really nice younger dutch couple, it had only been open a couple of months. we watched the windsurfers for awhile.

Hmm so yes! That is about it for now! Here is my itinerary of dates for reference purposes..

Nov 6- Jan 5 Bali, Indonesia
Jan 5-10 Bangkok, Thailand
Jan 10- March 4 Tonsai/Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand
March 5 - March 11 Siem Reap, Cambodia
March 11-March 18 Pnomh Penh, Cambodia
March 19- March 23 Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 24- April 13 Pai, Thailand
April 14 Bangkok/fly home
(all dates subject to change! haha clearly.)