Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amateur Night Recap

Well, that was a complete bust.

"Oh look, I'm great on stage and can work the crowd..."

"Oh wait, I didn't even place. I guess I'm REAL great at my job."

I was top 5 but not top 3. Albeit, the girl that got first was the bartender, and apparently the girl that placed second competes all the time, and always wins. She definitely had some stripper moves. The girl that got third... was hotter than me? Had really loud friends? The crowd decides who wins.

I just feel like I'm not "typical" enough to do this job. I have a very small niche attraction. Like the girl at the carnival.

The few times I've pulled the money it's been great, but I get more and more discouraged as time goes on. Dammit. I so wanted to be good at something, once in my life.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

getting desperate

Terrible night at work. boring. awful. I tried, a little, and made nothing. I'm really kicking myself because I was too miserable to go last night, and my favourite regs were there while I wasn't. *headdesk*.

I'm having a really hard time getting myself into work. I feel bored and sort of ugly. I want new shoes, a new outfit, new hair. yet I have money for none of this. boo.

I may go to work today, though I'm tre tired and have to study. I most certainly will be rounding up a posse for amateur night on wednesday. anyone up for it? It's judged based on cheering, and I really need the money.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Drink a little, wiggle around, make lots of money

I woke up on friday morning, pryed myself out of bed, and went into the shop to work on my furniture project. Of course this means by the time I got home, I had no interest at all in going to work. However, my dear lover kicked me out of bed, threw me in the shower, and said, "if you don't get dressed, I'm going to throw you in the door of the club in your towel."

So I went.

A couple regs were there early, but I had some real creepos to finish out the night. I was discouraged and exhausted by the time I got home. No, I will not take your $100 so you can lick my twat.

Conversely, on saturday, I started off with a creepo who pulled his dick out in VIP, and I froze up, didn't know what to do, and just kept dancing. So a bouncer came in and I went "Oh shit, what does that look like?", but no one got mad at me, just accepted it as newbie mistake. Things got a lot better later on. I did 40 minutes in the VIP with a guy whos wife came in for the last 10 with another girl. Some men actually know how to respect the dancer and the rules, which is refreshing.

My last day of class is wednesday... thank fucking god... but I still have lots of work to do before (and after) that. Ugh. Whos great idea was it for me to go to university, again? I'm ready to be done.