Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She doesn't fit

She will never fit in.

She can't slide in between people, making eyes and conversation, covering the rough bits of herself.

Her personality screams through her eyes, her loud words, her strange clothing. Everything about her is on the skin.

She screams neediness, big, sad eyes asking for a break, for a free ride, for your money.

Her mania breaks through in hyper, self-deprecating outbursts. She giggles, bites too hard, runs off in a flurry of clumsiness.

Her designs seem okay on paper, but come out all messy in real life. This is ok, even good, in her fashion, but here at school it is an utter failure.

More later....


  1. Don't you ever go fitting in dear. I like this about you. It makes you stand out above the rest and makes you very beautiful.

    The fact that you have gotten so far only proves that you have got what it takes to make it.

    There is nothing wrong with being crazy. Us crazies have to stick together! :P

  2. Too strange, too loud, too sad, too out of control.

    We're too much of everything, and despite our efforts to keep it contained it spills out through our eyes and mouths, action and gesture.