Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cinnamon Dreams

I love my life. I love sunday mornings, relaxed and full of food, and sunday afternoons studying.

I'm on a quest. I have a thousand goals and hopes and dreams and ideas that i want to spit out into the world.

Quests for now:
~do well in school
~save lots of money
~climb on tuesdays and do yoga on fridays

Quests for the spring:

~yoga on fridays
~hoop dance class
~aerial skills class
~practice violin

Summer travels:
~Kinetik Festival in Montreal May 14-17
~Emilie Autumn show in New York May 22
~North Saskatchewan River whitewater trip
~Shambhala (Nelson, BC) August 5-11
~Burning Man (Reno, Nevada) August 31 - September 7
~Las Vegas? San Francisco? L.A.!!
~Fly to New Zealand via LAX

~Indonesia, Thailand, India, Nepal

All the while dancing my way across the continents....

So, my dear friends, I will be focusing on physical creative endeavors, along with hopefully making some costumes for burning man, and dancing around naked of course, hopefully for massive amounts of cash. Well, we'll see.

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