Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love and other drugs

Chameleon, Mosaic, Kaleidascope tumble of colours, a girl in a monster in a fireball. Fireball whisky, cinnamon sting on the tongue and racing down your throat.

My personality disorder rules my life, so I choose a life that gives it room. Some days I am all over the place, full of fire and liquor, spinning fire around my hand and hips. Other days you will not see me at all as I evaluate the patterns in the ceiling and give myself nine hundred reasons not to get out of bed.

Travelling is in my blood, and too long in one place makes me itchy and lethargic. I live for adrenaline...

"I'm not a faery, but I need more than this life so I became, this creature representing more to you than just another girl..."

Reality is but an interference pattern on the wavelength of the universe's vibrations... I would love to interfere with your vibrations and send you into the seventh dimension.

I love boys, I love girls, but I will warn you I am probably the strangest girl you have ever met. If you are a true freak like me, well, let's talk.

I don't make friends easily, I will either love you intensely or be indifferent to you. Sorry, I don't fake it. In or out of bed.

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