Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm going treeplanting.. again.

I hated it by the end of the summer last time. But now I'm excited. fuckin trees.

A collection of quotes:

It turned out that one of her other toenails was cutting into it somehow, and when she took off her boot to investigate, she discovered her foot was pretty bloody. I asked how she had dealt with it, and she said, "I didn't have nail clippers, so I chewed off my toenail, and it was fine after that."

July 21st: I spent the day doing dump runs. The Fox Creek dump is fairly low-tech. I showed up on the first run and asked how much it was to dump the load, and the attendant (who was feeding peanuts to a squirrel) asked how big my truck was. I told him, and then asked if he took credit cards. He thought for a minute, looked around at the trees, and said, "Does it look like I take credit cards?" Good point. I went back to town to get cash from the ATM.

"unless you are really gunning to experience dabbling in alcoholism, crying in front of strangers, and getting your first venereal disease, you should not go treeplanting"

"treeplanting will not allow you to think about your life, it will allow you to hide from the real world long enough to make you realize you would rather subject yourself to the mental and physical tortures of living in the bush rather than get a real job that requires you to shower, has a dress code, you are not allowed to swear, setting things on fire is frowned upon, you can't get drunk every day, and you are not allowed to smoke constantly."

I'm a masochist...

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  1. ... apparently, that last one also seems to apply to IT. Including the part about living in the bush being a better option. Techs shower whenever, wear whatever, swear all the time, usually try to put out fires but... sometimes it's easier to burn things, drink copiously, and fuck I need a smoke (even though I don't smoke...).

    Good luck planting trees though :3
    You'll be (and are) missed out here!